Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back again...

... so where was I? Oh yes, in my last blog post I was in full flood about the Joy of Sex post-launch publicity and had just started doing the Jim Davis show regularly, with its accompanying challenges of explaining masturbation live on air.

So, a few weeks later - where does the time go when you're enjoying yourself - life has been incredibly busy and even more enjoyable. Wonderfully, the post-launch publicity for JOY is *still* going - last week I was signing books on the Lovehoney stand at the Erotica Show, and yesterday I did an interview about the book for a German magazine.

My copresenting role alongside Jim Davis - our slot is now called "Sex in the City" - is going from strength to strength. This week we're focussing on World Aids Day, interviewing Justin Gaffney from the UK Network of Sex Work Projects, as well as taking all the many, and increasingly fascinating, calls.

Alongside all that, the first and second books in the follow-up series to Joy of Sex have just arrived back from the printers. Entitled The Romantic Lover and The Adventurous Lover, they are gorgeous - tiny hardbacks, pocket-sized, in elegant shades of cream, bronze and gold with stunning erotic photos slipped in to illustrate my text. Yummy! (In the shops in time for Valentine's Day 2009, in case you're interested.)

And, I'm just finishing up the third follow-up book, which is about dirty weekends. Research, collation, draft and editing in eight weeks; this morning's job is to blend into the edited version all the information I gathered from the Erotica Show. Did you know that you can book an entire S&M suite for a weekend including bed, breakfast and dungeon... variations include a four-poster bondage bed with a cage underneath.

What a strange and fascinating job I do...