Thursday, September 27, 2007

Partying Direct Dot Com

I am not a party animal, never have been. And usually, when I get an invitation to a press launch, or whatever, I mysteriously find I have to wash my hair, again.

But last night was different. Dating Direct, the website for which I'm a consultant psychologist - held its annual fest to celebrate National Dating Day. Of course, it involved a swish London club, lots of Very Beautiful People, acres of canapes and gallons of cocktails (thrown together by the Bar Wizards, who did an incredibly impressive choreography right there on the floor in front of us.)

But so far, so standard. What made this party unusual - and for me, truly enjoyable - was what underpinned the hype. Because I've worked with these people, know the focus and commitment they put into the DatingDirect site, know how good the product is, know how we've all worked and worked - particularly over the past six months - to add extra features, put in extra quality controls and relaunch the product in the service of all those single people out there who deserve love.

I don't mean to sound like an endorsement, but for once the champagne seemed absolutely appropriate. We deserved to party.

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