Friday, January 18, 2008

Marriage on the rocks?

I am an optimist at the worst of times. But even I was slightly wobbled today by a report published today - albeit by a firm of divorce solicitors - reporting that of the 2000 adults they surveyed, nearly 60% were unhappy in their marriage.

Half of husbands thought their partnership was loveless. 59% of wives would leave tomorrow if they didn't have to worry about the money. Many were holding back from divorce for fear of losing contact with their children. Others were holding back from fear of losing the roof over their heads.

I pay tribute to those who are hanging in there, trying to make it all work. But I do think it is tragic that - for whatever complex reasons - the love that we all see as central to our lives so rarely succeeds in working.

Which is one reason why I liaise so closely with - and support so enthusiastically - the work of Relate, the couples counselling service. If only those 59% of spouses who reported being so unhappy had thought of trying marriage guidance, I bet that statistic would be much lower. If you're among the unhappy majority, log on to

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