Sunday, October 12, 2008

Explaining masturbation on worldwide radio...

The slight gap in communication, folks, has been down to a wonderful amount of work coming out of the launch of Joy of Sex. But today being Sunday, I thought I'd bring things up to date.

There've been more interviews... of course. And more follow-up features. Plus a rather intriguing possible trip to the US in the offing; more detail on that later.

And an appearance at the Cambridge Union, debating "This house calls for a new sexual revolution.". Great fun, and a real feeling of speaking to the next generation of policy makers and governmental leaders; I only hope that when they get into office in a decade or so, they remember my call for more sex education in schools...

I've also, following my 'Joy of Sex special" for LBC a few weeks ago, been invited to appear weekly from now on, doing a double-hander with the wonderful Jim Davis. We really do work well together, fielding such disparate subjects as "I'm Christian and gay", "My new man's ex fell pregnant just before they split", "I come too soon" (a man) and "I've never come" (a woman).

This last involved me giving the listener an on-air step-by-step guide of how to bring herself to climax; one of those wonderful moments when I find myself thinking "I can't believe they pay me for this." On the other hand, most people who have talked to me about that particular programme segment have said that they couldn't do it even if they were paid...

Flippancy apart, I love doing the Jim Davis show and am utterly delighted that they've asked me to do the weekly slot. The phone calls, texts and emails pile up into their hundreds; the calls come from as far away as New York; we are obviously providing a key service - and my only regret is that we can't cover more in the two hours allotted.

If you want to catch the programme, it's every Friday night from 22:00 until midnight, on 97.3FM. And you can find the accompanying blog - written by me this week - here.

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