Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Losing my voice...

...thank heavens, literally not metaphorically. I've done an average of three interviews a day for the past ten days - some of them, for the press, lasting over an hour. Add this to the normal communication of the day - and a touch of chest infection - and it's no wonder I'm suffering from slight loss of volume.

But heavens, no loss of interest in what I'm being asked. The thing that amazes me, every time, is how the same topic, Joy of Sex, elicits such very different responses from different journalists. The nice lady from Men's Health US wanted eight tips for modern male lovers - and a blow by blow account of how those tips might differ from what Alex Comfort would have said in 1972 (answer: radically, because not a lot was known about the clitoris then). The charming woman from the Mumbai Daily News wanted to know what I thought of the Kama Sutra (answer: deep respect). The Kiwi Radio reporter was delightfully informal and did, true to the stereotype, sign off with "no worries mate". Bless.

The Irish are the most surprising. Despite their reputation for inhibition, they unfailingly take the most upfront attitude. At 11am in the morning, they're reading graphic accounts direct from the "Venus Butterfly" section or asking me to explain, in detail, the difference between the vulva and the vagina. (Truly. That was yesterday on the Gerry Ryan show, complete with double entendres...)

So now, I'm just off to do the midnight show on ABC 702 Sydney. I presume that given the timing, they'll be pretty up front too. I just hope that they don't mistake my chest-infection triggered spluttering for shock or inhibition...

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