Friday, January 30, 2009

Back from the US

Well, I'm back! And the answer to the questions I posed before departure (will I say the right things... will I do the right things... will everyone be able to understand my exotic British accent) is apparently Yes.

To take the last one, I was surprised and delighted at the response to my Britishiness. The exact comment from one TV producer - echoed by many more - was "The word "masturbation" in a Texan accent sounds dirty; in a British accent it sounds decent. We love it!". So there you go...

On a more serious note, I was delighted at the response - the amazing publishers have sold their initial print run of 30,000 copies of the book and are currently ordering in more; it's only been out three weeks.

Just as nice, the interviewers were supportive, the phone-in clients enthusiastic. I had been worried - warned from all directions - that a US audience might be wary. Seems not - lots of phone calls offering congratulations on covering the topic, lots of phone calls asking upfront questions of the kind that you only rarely get this side of the pond.

Only one regret... I was asked to do Oprah (yessss....) but at the last moment got bumped; the amazing "plane-landing-in-the-Hudson" story was just too big.

Back down to earth now and focussing on the British launch of the next two follow-on books - Joy of Sex Romantic Lover and Joy of Sex Adventurous Lover. The Yanks are still ringing me though and there are few things in the pipeline; I may have to swim the Pond again very soon. Can't wait!


Tony Comstock said...

Congrats on selling out the first run. No remainder bin for you!

Roy Leatham said...

You're a star Sue, you really are. But then again, we always knew that, didn't we?